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5500 Display

What is a Home UPS?


High Energy Storage

(sufficient for homes)

Slow switching


Low Energy Storage

(sufficient for Pcs)

Fast switching

Home UPS

the best of both worlds

The Home UPS has high energy capacity, enough to support your
home in a power failure, and switches between the main power supply
and battery power in just milliseconds.
Now that is seriously fast.

What does a Home UPS do?

During power-supply

Stabilizes the power-supply to keep your appliances healthy.

During power-cut

Smartly switches to battery power and
provides a regulated power supply
for your home.

a Home UPS. With a brain.

Powered with Artificial Intelligence.

works in three modes:


When power-supply is available.


Automatic Voltage Regulation

Frequent voltage and frequency fluctuations in households are a common occurrence. The moment voltage supply goes down below a certain level, we observe the speed of fans going slow, the blub light dimming, or the tube light blinking frequently. This is called a Low Voltage supply. Also, there are occasions when the voltage jumps high. We all may have observed that as we switch the bulb on, it goes off and gets fused as it cannot withstand High Voltage spike.

With Smart Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), as and when your mains supply voltage fluctuates (rises or drops beyond the Safe Voltage range), Falcon I seamlessly switches to the battery power, ensuring safe power supply to all your home appliances.


Brain with a Muscle

Suppose there is a sudden high voltage spike. Now your home's MCB might not be able to protect your appliances, but your Falcon I will. It will rapidly switch from mains to the battery. In fact, Falcon I can take up to 2.5x its load capacity, supporting your entire home during that high voltage spike. It then intelligently reminds you to turn off the extra appliances, so that the load can be reduced.


Protection at it's best

Short circuits are very common. Therefore every household is equipped with an MCB or main fuse. However, these can be slow and inefficient at protecting your appliances from damage.

We know how much you love your appliances. Therefore, we have designed Falcon I to add a smart layer of protection to them. It has an inbuilt Special MCB, which trips and protects all your home appliances even before the traditional MCB can respond.


Intelligently changing between mains and backup.


Switches before you can blink.

Traditional inverters need to be manually switched on when required. This means your appliances would go off until you get up, do the hard work, and start your inverter.

But Falcon I is blazingly fast. It automatically detects a power-cut or voltage fluctuation and switches to its power backup mode in milliseconds. So you and your appliances won't even get to know there was a power-cut. This means your computer, wifi, and more can run uninterrupted.

Because who likes to stop?


Switch to hassle-free. Literally.

Now, what if your Home UPS has a technical error, and is unable to switch your home load back to the main supply? And imagine this happens in the middle of a summer night, and an electrician can only come the next morning. Intolerable, right?

This is common with almost every UPS or inverter. But not the Falcon I . With just the push of a button, you can restore power through your main supply.


Charging and backup cycles.

The battery sits at the heart of your inverter's power back-up functionality. Charging and Dis-charging cycles define life of a battery, and making both these processes efficient is crucial.

Falcon I is built to keep your battery healthy. It is designed for efficient charging and discharging, hence keeping the battery running for longer with reduced upkeep efforts and costs.

Choice of battery: depends upon Load & Back up time

Example 1-2 BHK, 250W load

Low back-up (15 min)

Sealed Maintenance Free

Medium back-up (1 Hr)

75Ah to 100Ah

High back-up (3 - 4 Hr)


Battery Charging Mechanism:

Falcon I is built with a Right Charging Mechanism that
charges batteries optimally for longer life


Pure Sine Wave Technology

Many inverters still provide a square wave output which is not healthy for your appliances. Falcon I is designed to provide a smooth, continuous sine-wave power output to your appliances just as they require it.


Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)

Falcon I is designed for rough weather conditions. It has an ambient sensor and antenna placed right upon it. With advanced Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) built right into the microprocessor, Falcon I senses the temperature around it and then makes intelligent adjustments.


For example, in summers or hotter regions, the temperature is high, and hence the battery is charged to a lower voltage for the same power back-up performance. This saves you some extra bucks while also making sure the battery doesn't overheat, lose water, or get damaged.

Similarly, in winters or colder places, the temperature is lower and hence the battery is charged to a higher boost voltage to make sure you get the required or expected amount of power back-up.

This makes Falcon I a perfect choice for any climate, from the extremes of Northern America and Europe to the beating heat in Middle-East and South-East Asia, we are ready for a rough world.


Six Stage Charging

Most inverters charge the battery in a flat, linear manner. But just like monotony upsets you, monotonous or flat charging deteriorates battery health.

Ideally, 80% of a battery should be fast-charged, while the rest 20% should be charged slowly to avoid over-heating and loss of water-topping. With its Generation Four microprocessor, Falcon I carries out charging in six thoughtful stages for maximum efficiency in charging.


Battery Selection Switch

Every battery is built to accept a certain maximum allowed charging speed. A Tubular Lead-Acid battery needs a minimum of 10 hours, a Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) battery requires 6-8 hours, while a Lithium-Ion battery requires 2-4 hours to get fully charged in a healthy way.

Charging the batteries faster than these healthy limits reduces the battery's life, and increases maintenance costs and hassles. That's why Falcon I is built with the Right Charger that charges batteries at optimum speed.

Battery Selection Switch is an innovative feature of Falcon I that enables you to select the battery type you have installed so that it can control and optimize the charging speed to keep your battery healthy. This makes Falcon I compatible with diverse battery sizes as per user need for load and backup time

Beware, If a battery is charged faster than its maximum allowed speed, the battery will frequently get overheated, lose water, and will eventually die off prematurely.


Charges in Low Voltages

Typically, batteries require a 130V input to charge itself, but this is not available across the world at every time. Regions with frequent outages and low grid voltages may result in poor or no charging.

In such cases, people resort to using stabilizers to get optimum voltage for charging. To ease this, Falcon I is equipped with Advanced Circuitry that charges the battery with as low as a 90V input.

Discharging Mechanism:

Letting out energy to your appliances elegantly is a breeze for Falcon I . We focus on keeping both your appliances & the battery fine.


Safe Discharge

With prolonged usage, a battery's life gets reduced. This is what happens to every battery after multiple charge-discharge cycles, even inverter batteries. Nerds call it battery fatigue.

Falcon I knows how to beat this problem too. When the battery is being used to power your home and is about to get empty (but not fully empty), Falcon I places a reserve. This means it doesn't let the battery get fully or deeply discharged, hence extending the life of the battery by leaps and bounds.

This is similar to the reserve tank we have in our cars and scooters. It makes sure that even after you run out of battery power, you are still left with the reserved capacity to get done with emergency situations, by simply pressing a button.


Gentle to your appliances

A great beginning makes way for a great journey. Falcon I knows this very well. Unlike traditional inverters that allow a sudden inrush of current which can be harmful to your appliances, Falcon I goes for a cushioned start-up.

It gradually increases the voltage to let your appliances ease-in. This prevents electrical and mechanical shocks to the sensitive and costly appliances in your house.


Generator compatibility

Many a times when the local grid fails, you need to depend on your Domestic Power Generators. Ordinary inverters are incompatible with such AC generators due to their high fluctuations. But Falcon I can normalise and adapt to such fluctuations, making it perfect to pair up with Domestic Generators.

the smart Home UPS

So now you know why we say Falcon I is the smartest thing we've ever made. Well, it's just because when we set out to make a product, we don't aim for beating our competition, we instead aim to push humanity forward.

Made with Love, at Su-Vastika Solar

Technical Specification

Falcon I 5500 (Cups)

Model : Falcon I 5500 (Cups)
Rating : 5250va
Wattage/Rated Power : 4200w
Battery Voltage : 48v Dc
Technology : Latest Bi-Directional Technology
Mains Mode :
Input Voltage Range (Wups Mode): : 105v-290v
Input Voltage Range (Ups Mode) : 185v-265v
Output Voltage : Same As Input
Charging Current : 5a, 10a, 15a, 25a (User Selectable)
Frequency Bypass Range : 42hz- 55hz
Change Over Time :
Mains To Backup (Ups Mode) : ≤ 5 Ms
Mains To Backup (Wups Mode) : ≤ 18 Ms
Battery Mode: :
Output Waveform : Pure Sine Wave
Output Frequency : 50.0 ± 0.1hz
Total Harmonic Distortion (Thd) : <3%
Protections : Mains Mode:
Overload/Short Circuit : Mains Mcb Will Trip
Battery Overcharge : Battery High Cut Atc Enabled
Overload Protection : Yes With 4 Times Auto Reset
Overload Protection : Yes With 4 Times Auto Reset
Short Circuit Protection : Yes With 2 Times Auto Reset
Over Temperature Protection : Yes High Temperature Shutdown
Automatic Temperature Compensation (Atc) : -10°C To 60°C
Operating Temperature : -10°C To 45°C