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Top solar power generation companies in India

At Su-vastika, the top solar power generation company in India understanding and satisfying Indian customers’ needs is a top priority for us.

Our products can withstand rugged Indian conditions & are known to perform effortlessly even under the most adverse conditions, be it extreme temperatures or rough conditions. We provide solar power backup solutions in Delhi NCR.

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Lithium Battery

The High Capacity UPS can replace the big generators in the societies and commercial buildings as they can be used for various applications to run high capacity machinery like CNC, Moulding machines, and heavy medical equipments to give back-up ..

lithium battery
Emergency Rescue Device

Emergency Rescue Device (ERD)

An Emergency Rescue Device (ERD) is an electronic and electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to the elevators with a 3-phase power supply when the input power source or mains power fails. Su-vastika is the top solar power generation company in India

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MOU signing ceremony
Su-vastika Solar and SGT university

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What is a Home UPS?


Inverter in india

High Energy Storage

(sufficient for homes)

Slow switching


Home UPS

Low Energy Storage

(sufficient for Pcs)

Fast switching

Home UPS

the best of both worlds

The Home UPS has high energy capacity, enough to support your
home in a power failure, and switches between the main power supply
and battery power in just milliseconds.
Now that is seriously fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technically inverter is used to convert D.C. power into A.C. power. The stored power is in D.C. form and so not compatible for the A.C. loads (eg.: - fan, CFL, tube lights, etc.). Inverter here converts the stored power into required form to run the equipments.
When there is mains supply available, then the system passes it to the load. Simultaneously it also charges the battery (ies) to store the power with the help of inbuilt charger.

As there is a failure of mains supply, the equipments supply is transferred from battery through inverter. Again when mains arrives, the load is again transferred to the mains supply.
The size of the inverter should be selected according to the load being used. The following steps should be considered;

Step 1: - Calculate the total wattage of load you will desire to run on the system. For eg., for running fan, bulb, computer etc .(Suppose we calculate 840 Watt).

Step 2: - The total load should be divided by 0.7 (Power factor for low capacity systems) to convert watts into VA. Then we get;
840 Watts = 1200 VA 0.7

Step 3: - Finally by getting VA, add 10% - 20% extra to the VA and the final system is selected. We need to add this extra load to keep our system on safer side.
1200 + 120 = 1320 VA

Step 4: - If the fixed rating system is not available, then always choose the higher capacity of the size calculated. Thus Su-vastika makes 1400 VA system and so 1400 VA system is suitable for this load.
The types of UPS available are;

Offline UPS
Online UPS
Line-Interactive UPS
Home UPS
Computers has a SMPS in its CPU. The SMPS is capable to provide supply for 10 milliseconds after the mains failure. Thus if supply arrives within 10 millisecond, then the computer will not re-boot (shut down).

Based on this when an inverter’s changeover time reduces to 10 millisecond, then it can run computer without re-booting it.
Offline UPS is basically an inverter having changeover time < 10 millisecond.
The true UPS is Online UPS. It provides the power supply at a constant rate without any interruption. The output supply provided is always the supply of the system and no supply is by-passed. Thus there is no transfer of supply and thus it has ‘0’ changeover time. It is applicable in time critical applications;

Example: -
  • Computers
  • ATM machines
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Communication centers
  • Servers
  • Medical equipments
  • Photo-lab machines
Home UPS is a merged form of offline UPS and inverter. It is selectable in which mode the system is to be run.
The system having a processor in it is known as digital system. As defined above the system having microcontroller chip is called digital system (inverter/UPS)