Su-vastika Solar


Technology, Passion, and Innovation at its best!!!!

Su-vastika, a rapidly scaling startup having ISO9001 and BIS certified products, is fueled by passion and innovation. We desire to provide the best technology which is safe, efficient, scalable, and sustainable. Our team of experts has developed user-friendly and innovative products

Mr. Kunwer Sachdev the founder of Su-Kam Power Systems Limited—is the visionary and guiding force behind all the developments in Su-kam. He is called the Inverter Man of India and Solar Man of India.

Mr. Sachdev is fulfilling mentoring responsibilities for Su-vastika in various capacities. He is an innovator, leader, thinker, and marketer who has revolutionized the power backup landscape in India, the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa, and South America. He has been recognized and respected as a global leader

We at Su-Vastika are proud of our capability to defy convention and continuously nurture our passion for providing innovative and ingenious products that have utility and value for our domestic and industrial customers

Su-vastika has filed about 35 technology patents in the last 3 years and is continuously filing more every month. Alongside, we are filing design patents and copyrights, especially in the fields of Solar, UPS, inverters, lithium batteries, Electric vehicles, and testing machines for these products.

Under the leadership of Ms. Khushboo Sachdev—the managing director of Su-vastika—our experienced team of Mr. Pallav Aggarwal (CTO) and Mr. Chirag Chawla (CFO), and many more young and talented team members are working endlessly to achieve company’s goals.

Battery Backup and Power Storage Solution:

Whether in domestic or commercial space, power cuts have become a reality in some developing countries. To curb this, we are making storage solutions with real-time monitoring systems and the latest lithium Battery technology. The UPS/inverter range includes a single phase up to 15 KVA; for the 3 phase, the range is up to 250KVA.

Lift and Escalator Backup

Nothing is more horrific than getting trapped in a lift without a way out and feeling claustrophobic, but not anymore! Su-vastika has revolutionized the power backup landscape with its latest ERD technology. ERD (Emergency Rescue Device) is a futuristic power backup device for escalators and lifts that provides 15 min to 2 days long power backup.

ERD has come to replace the old and inefficient ARD (Automatic Rescue Device) technology. This technology can also be installed as a Central Emergency Rescue System, which can give backup to multiple combined lifts—4 to 20 in number.

Solar solutions

We aim to provide sustainable energy solutions to our customers by developing solar landscape fullthrottle. In line with our objectives, our products for harnessing and storing the sun's power are efficient and incorporate avant-garde technology. Our innovation-driven solar products include off-Grid and Hybrid Solar systems

Energy Storage System (ESS) Battery

Efficient and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries are already replacing less-efficient lead-acid batteries that cause pollution and health hazard.

Hybrid EV Chargers (charge through Grid, Solar, and Battery)

We are ready to drive the EV market with our cutting-edge technology and team of experts. We are developing EV chargers with Solar Charge controllers,suitable for 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, cars, etc. These are hybrid chargers and can be charged through solar, grid power, and battery as a backup in case of power failure

Automatic Testing Setup

We have designed an Automatic Testing Setup (ATS). ATS aids in high-quality manufacturing and testing of UPS/Inverters, solar inverters, on-grid and off-grid, and hybrid solar inverters for single phase and 3- phase technology.

Out testing setup includes:

  • Electrical vehicle testing machines for the manufacturing of 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers as well as for repairing these EVs
  • Lithium battery testing machines for testing the BMS (Battery Management Solution) as well as testing the whole lithium bank from 12 V to 600 V DC bank
  • Functional PCB Testing machines that are universal in nature. All these machines are developed on online monitoring solutions so that one can see the data online and store the important information for future traceability