Battery for inverter

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Tubular Battery

Battery for UPS

Tubular Battery

Battery Parameters Tubular
Reliability Most reliable
Charge Cycles 1100-1500
Electrolyte Stratification Risk Low
Thermal Management High
Interface Surface Area High
Electrical Resistance Low

Automotive (SLI – Starting Lighting Ignition), electrical vehicles, golf carts, hybrid vehicles, motive power (traction), standby emergency power backup for telephone exchange, stationery (UPS & Inverter), emergency lighting.

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Technical Specification

Model Big Warrior Series
Battery rating 100 Ah @C20
150 Ah @C20 200 Ah @C20 225 Ah @C20
Type of Battery Tubular
Model Offered SBW 100 SBW 150 SBW 200 SBW 225
Nominal Voltage 12V
Number of cell 6
Shelf life 6 years
Nominal Capacity(27°C)        
Cell Capacity @ C20 102 Ah 153 Ah 200 Ah 225 Ah
Cell Capacity @ C10 81 Ah 120 Ah 176 Ah 200 Ah
Cell Capacity @ C3 57.5 Ah 86 Ah 126 Ah 165 Ah
AH Efficiency > 90%
WH Efficiency > 80%
Recommended max. period of storage 3 months at 27°C
Grid Alloy Lead Antimony alloy
Container & Lid Material PPCP
Sealing Method Heat Sealing
Plate type Tubular Pos. & Flat Neg.
Separator Polyethylene
Terminals & ICC Bolted type terminals with lead coated fastners
Mounting Vertical
Acid Level Indicators Provided
Provided Factory charged
Self Discharge at 27°C (average)
Operating Temp. range
2.5% 3%
Discharge -20~ 50°C
Charge -10~ 50°C
Storage -20~ 50°C
Max. Discharge Current 77°F (25°C) 100 A (3 sec) 450A(3 sec) 600A(3 sec) 675A(3 sec)
Short Circuit Current 100 A 150 A 200 A 225 A
Cycle Use 14.2 - 14.5 V 14.4 - 14.7 14.4 - 14.7 14.4 - 14.7
Maximum charging Current 10% of Capacity 10 Amp 15 Amp 20 Amp 23 Amp
Temperature compensation 75mV/300moh
Weight (Kg) Gross +/- 3% 52 57.5 64 68
Dimensions (L x W x H )in mm 505 x 187 x 394

Electrical Performance

Acid filled tubular battery
tubular battery
Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries
SMF battery

Battery Container & Terminal sizes

SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free)

All lead-acid batteries release hydrogen from the negative plate and oxygen from the positive plate during charging. VRLA batteries have one-way, pressure-relief valves. Without the ability to retain pressure within the cells, hydrogen and oxygen would be lost to the atmosphere, eventually drying out the electrolyte and separators.

Voltage is electrical pressure (energy per unit of charge). Charge (ampere-hours) is a quantity of electricity. Current (amperes) is electrical flow (charging speed). A battery can only store a certain quantity of electricity. The closer it gets to being fully charged, the slower it must be charged.

Temperature also affects charging. If the right voltage is used for the temperature, a battery will accept charge at its ideal rate. If too much voltage is used, charge will be forced through the battery faster than it can be stored.


  • Maintenance free
  • Moderate life on float service
  • High rate capability
  • High charge efficiency
  • Available from small single cell unit (2v) to large 48V batteries.


The major application of the VRLA battery is used in emergency lighting or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for individual computers or work stations to high-power UPS in telecommunications facilities. A continuous supply of power is also critical in areas such as banking, stock exchanges, hospitals, air traffic control centers etc. where brief interruptions pose the risk of loss of critical data or hazards to health and safety.

Sealed Maintenance Free

Su-vastika has come up with their latest power bank series of Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries that are specially designed for optimum performance, very long life and high reliability. These are eminently suitable for a wide range of applications. SMF batteries do not emit corrosive gases and are leak proof. They have stable and reliable capacity. SMF batteries guarantee a long service life in standby or cyclic service. The computer-aided design and the manufacturing expertise of Su-vastika, ensure the best quality products in the industry. Su-vastika’s SMF batteries are the perfect match for your inverter or UPS; they can perform under extreme conditions and can withstand deep discharge and overcharge as well.

SPB 100 Ah/1200 Whr
lithium battery
SPB 150 Ah/1800 Whr
UPS Battery
SPB 200 Ah/2400 Whr
Inverter Battery


  • Design life of 5 to10 years at 27°C, depending on the model
  • Superior Lead Calcium alloy grid with high density active materials
  • Excellent cyclic performance and recovery after over-discharging
  • High purity material ensuring low self-discharge
  • Valve regulated (sealed) construction for sales operation in any position
  • Tank formed plates optimise cell voltage balance and performance
  • Completely leak-proof and maintenance-free
  • Compact design with high power to power ratio
  • High impact ABS casing

General Technical Particulars of SPB Battery Models

Acid tubular battery

Electrical Performance

Acid filled tubular battery
tubular batteries
Acid filled tubular batteries
Acid filled battery

Battery Terminal Options