Emergency Rescue Device (ERD)

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Su-vastika has had a major breakthrough in the arena of lifts backup systems. Our R&D team has worked tirelessly to provide an innovative and highly technologically advanced product, i.e, the ERD Emergency Rescue Device.

The ERD is a specialised product which provides backup to the lift system. In case of power outage or loss of mains power the lifts mostly experience a couple of minutes of power failure where the lift room goes dark and halts with a sudden jerk, which can be a horrifying experience for anyone travelling in the escalator, it will be worse if the person suffers from claustrophobia hence leaving the person traumatised. But incase where the lift is fitted with ERD (Emergency Rescue Device), there will be no occurrences of any violent jerks, power outages and sudden stops because in case of power failure our product will take over within milliseconds resulting in continuous supply of electricity to the lift.

This product is revolutionary in the lift industry as it replaces the old systems of ARD with new upgraded technology and user interface with a sleek ECU, Electric Control Unit, a display inside the lift which will provide the complete information of the back up time as per the battery charge levels, giving the clear picture of what to expect and avoiding sudden movements and inconvieneinces. The ECU will be fitted with WiFi and GSM chips that can be monitored remotely making it easily accessible at all times.

This solution also provides green alternatives to generators which contribute to deteriorating environmental issues, the smoke released in the generators add to the pollution levels and is under constant fire and can attract temporary bans in many regions. ECU is a greener alternatives to the smoke monsters and also cost saving as the upcoming Lithium battery will provide back up for a longer period of time with very little to no maintenance.

A centralised ERD unit is a great solution for premises that are big and run multiple lifts and need back ups for all the lifts in their network, for example malls, big apartment buildings, office buildings etc. We provide a centralised ERD unit in such cases which provide back up to around 20 or more lifts from one centralised unit, hence reducing infrastructure space as well.