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A common misbelief about solar is that if you install a Grid Tied UPS, you’ll always have power during outages. In most cases, this is not true. Traditional GTI systems automatically shut off during power failure for safety purposes, cutting off power generation from your solar panel system. If you want to keep your home or commercial establishment running on backup solar power during a grid failure, hybrid GTI UPS paired with batteries are perfect solution. Some hybrid UPS have both on-grid and off-grid capabilities, allowing you to continue running on solar power even if the grid fail.

Easier installation process

One of the biggest benefits of a hybrid inverter is that it combines the functionality of two separate pieces of equipment into one. This mean an easier installation process for your solar installer. Depending on the prices of the individual components and the labor cost, you may save money by installing a hybrid UPS from the get-go as opposed to paying for both a solar UPS and a battery-specific UPS separately.

Easy Monitoring

With a hybrid UPS, all of your solar electricity–whether being sent to the grid, self-consumed on your property, or being stored in your battery–is converted through one component. This allows for “centralized monitoring,” which means you can monitor both your solar panel system and battery performance through one platform.

Latest Technology

While Off Grid is an obsolete technology, Hybrid Grid Tie is latest, cost effective and more useful.


(Add- on is possible)

A hybrid system is possibly the most expandable, future-ready home solar setup. With some customisable hybrid systems, you can expand capacity by buying more panels or batteries. Hybrid systems may also be compatible with newer solar technologies — for example, an electric vehicle (EV) might function as one of the ‘batteries’ in a hybrid setup.