1 PHASE 7.5KVA / 10KVA / 15KVA



1 PHASE 7.5KVA / 10KVA / 15KVA

Heavy-Duty UPS: The Eco-Friendly Alternative To Your Generator

Do you frequently face power cuts that disrupt operations at work? Do you need a backup system that acts as an alternative solution and assists in providing power in the event of a power failure? Connect with Su-vastika to buy Heavy-Duty UPS in Delhi NCR that provides an uninterrupted power supply and supports your requirements.

Why Should You Use Heavy Duty UPS?

For any business and industry, a power outage can lead to a huge drain on the bottom line. Power Disruption or failure means increased safety concerns, loss of time, customers, and productivity- which in turn translates to lower revenue. However, having a system that fulfils your power backup needs is just what you need to keep going.

A UPS is a power backup option equipped to support commercial and industrial establishments in case of power failures. UPS, short for Uninterruptible Power Supply, enables the electrical load to keep running, providing power in the event of power failure. The system is a go-to backup option for businesses that require running on high capacity loads and replaces the need for big generators.

The Heavy-Duty Ups can be used in almost every industry imaginable. From hospitals to malls and from commercial offices to an IT workspace, a Heavy-Duty UPS works as a reliable backup solution.

Get Efficient Power Backup Solutions with the Leading Industrial UPS System Suppliers in Delhi

We, at Su-vastika, understand the power backup needs of the industries. To fulfil the power storage requirements, we have pulled together a range of heavy-duty UPS starting from 10KVA to 250KVA that offers-

  • High energy storage
  • Protection to your machinery and appliances in power surges
  • Fast switching time
  • Minimal maintenance cost
  • Long-lasting batteries that can be used for a lifetime

As acclaimed Heavy-Duty UPS manufacturers in Delhi NCR, we are known for offering backup solutions that satisfy the power needs of businesses of all sizes. We strive to make power storage that is not just convenient but cost-effective and environment friendly. All our products leverage renewable resources and green technology by harnessing the Sun’s energy in the most efficient way.

key features of the heavy duty UPS

Automatic Voltage Regulation

Whenever the low or high supply voltage leads to an increase or decrease in supply below the Safe voltage range, the heavy-duty UPS seamlessly switches to battery power, ensuring the safety of your machinery and equipment.

Soft Start System

The advanced technology of UPS gradually increases the voltage in order to let the machinery ease -in. This gradual increase helps prevent electrical and mechanical shocks to your sensitive and expensive machinery.

Cold Start System

When there is an absence of power from the main grid power, this especially-designed feature starts the inverter in Battery mode. The Heavy-Duty UPS is built to take up to 4 times its load carrying capacity, which makes it reliable for supporting facilities and machinery during a voltage spike. It also sends a reminder for turning off the extra machinery that helps reduce the load.

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)

As a leading provider of the best heavy-duty UPS backup systems, we ensure that our products withstand rugged conditions and perform effortlessly even under adverse conditions. Our UPS has an ambient sensor and antenna which helps perform in extreme weather conditions. With the ATC built on its microprocessor, it senses the temperature in the surroundings and makes intelligent adjustments.

Automatic Voltage Regulation

The Heavy-Duty UPS is built to keep your battery healthy. It is designed for efficient charging and discharging , hence keeping the battery running longer with reduced upkeep.


As the Heavy-Duty UPS is designed to charge and discharge efficiently, it helps the battery run long, keeping it healthy.

Solar Compatible

What makes our heavy-duty power backup solution the best UPS battery backup in Delhi is its compatibility with Solar Energy. Our UPS uses solar energy as a secondary or a backup power source in an event of battery discharge.

Generator Compatible

The Heavy-Duty UPS is built to adapt to voltage fluctuations and can work well with your existing generator. It is also compatible with domestic generators.


Our Heavy-duty UPS is very affordable and has a low cost of set-up and maintenance in comparison to a generator.

No Pollution

As the heavy duty UPS runs on batteries, it does not produce any pollution, fumes or noise and can be easily placed in any commercial facility.

Want to Switch to the Eco-Friendly Power Backup System?

Connect with the most-reliable Heavy Duty UPS manufacturers in Delhi NCR today. Schedule an appointment to know more about our eco-friendly power backup systems.