Lithium Battery

The High Capacity UPS can replace the big generators in the societies and commercial buildings as they can be used for various applications to run high capacity machinery like CNC, Moulding machines, and heavy medical equipments to give back-up in place of Online UPS as these products are developed with zero switch-over time. All these UPS are with 3-Phase input and 3-Phase output and can run on Lead Acid as well as on Lithium batteries. We have already installed various projects.

The lithium battery technology is bringing the revolution in the Heavy Duty 3-Phase UPS as the cost of running it is much cheaper and it can be easily maintained without getting the oil refueling and maintenance.

Lithium battery is an important area of technology where the focus is to develop the BMS (Battery Management System) and that defines the life and the best output of the Lithium cells. We have created new technologies in this field and are continuously filing patents in this area.


Also these same Heavy Duty UPS can be run on Solar and the costing of operation can further go down. The big change is going to happen because of the Lithium battery technology taking over the oil based or gas based Generators. The small generators’ market has already been destroyed by the earlier Inverter technology. Now is the time to replace the big engine based Generators.

The future of power generation through solar and wind is going to be very easy and it will be the cheapest and clean power compared to the power generation happening through the existing means of coal, gas and oil which is pollution generation industry.


More and more technology patents are emerging as we are sure to capture the E-Vehicle market in the next 2 to 5 years by using our Lithium battery technology. The major challenge faced by the Electric-Vehicle industry is lithium battery and its charging techniques. We have designed our lithium battery which has displays for each status as well. We are also going to have a bluetooth technology along with the GPS chip in each lithium battery along with the GPS so that the swapping of the batteries can be smooth and the status is known to the customer. The seller can also track the battery place and status.

  We are working on manufacturing Lithium lifPo4 batteries In-house, for which In-house BMS and In-house manufacturing capability is being created. Also working on high capacity battery banks as that is the future for the High Capacity UPS and big Solar Projects. We have already filed patents for the same.



  • 3hrs of charging time compared to conventional charging time of 10hrs in LA and Tubular batteries.
  • Only compatible with our Su-vastika products.
  • Smart digital display having very advanced features.
  • Digital warranty, charging /discharging, back-up, overload & short circuit and overcharging features
  • Metallic body & automatic temperature controlled fan for proper cooling & safety of banks.
  • DC MCB is installed in each system for protection from Self discharge, Overloading & Short circuit and safe transportation.
  • Specially designed cell balancing system for cell equalisation, temperature control &voltage variation
  • Banks having 5 years warranty and 10 years of life cycles.
  • All banks are made of high quality and reliable Prismatic cells, tested at each steps of production. BMS is designed by patented technology.