Technology FAQs

  • Q. What is Digital Technology
    • Improves the quality of the product.
      Charges the battery without heavy imposing of electricity bills during charging.
      Has many protections to keep the equipment safe.
      Can be compatible with Generators.
      Can produce Quasi Sine wave and Pure Sine wave
  • Q. What is Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    • It is an advanced processor which is more fast responding.
      Easy to produce Pure Sine wave with THD < 3%.
      Can work with many interfacing software.
      More product reliability due to fast response.
  • Q. What is PWM Technology
    • When any system is made digital it is needed to work step by step. This method can be achieved by using pulses. When this pulses are used with controlling then it is known as Pulse Modulation, and when this controlling is done by varying the width of the pulses then it is known as Pulse Width Modulation.
      It Provides constant output for the sensitive equipment.
      It Provide soft-start for heavy equipments.
      It Helps in providing smooth charging.
      It Supports DSP and Micro-controller for better operations.
  • Q. What is MOSFET ?
    • MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semi-conductor Field Effect Transistor) is basically a component used to construct inverter section. This component is helpful to convert the D. C. supply in to A. C. power. With the help of MOSFET technology, the systems perform noiseless operation. Saves a large amount of power wastage (DC) and increases back-up time. It Can support Pure sine wave, Quasi sine wave and High Frequency.
  • Q. What is FLC (Fuzzy Logic Control)
    • This technology was basically adopted for supporting battery charging. It smoothens the charging and also increases the battery life. The water topping frequency is reduced.
  • Q. What is Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
    • In surface mount technology we uses SMD Components. SMD (Surface mount devices). By using the SMD components the wear and tear of the system DECREASES. It can make the system work in different weather conditions. Requires less space and adjusts high thermal conditions. Increases production capacity.
  • Q. What is IGBT ?
    • Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistor (IGBT) is a hybrid component of MOSFET. In some applications IGBT are preferred over MOSFET and in some cases MOSFET are better than IGBT. A power transistor that has characteristics of both MOSFET and Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs). The IGBT handles high current and enables fast switching with greater ease of control. Modules with multiple IGBTs can support very high voltage and amperage.
  • Q. What is LCD?
    • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a format of display. It is used to display the messages/status of the system.
  • Q. What is DSP?
    • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is an advance processor to microcontroller. Just correlating microcontroller with P-3 and DSP to P-4 processor will make it clear. By using DSP will make the system more reliable and pure sine wave with THD < 3% can be generated.
  • Q. What is THD?
    • While producing pure sine wave through the system, some of the impurity is also being generated. This distortion is known as Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). The systems being an artificial/small source of energy this type of distortions always generates.
  • Q. What is VFI technology?
    • Online UPS is totally isolated from the input supply being received to the output supply being generated. The change of voltage and frequency at the input supply do not effects the output supply, thus it is independent of the input supply. So it is called as Voltage Frequency Independent. Voltage & Frequency relates to the input supply.
  • Q. What is galvanic isolation?
    • The transformer used here has an property to provide proper isolation. Input & Output are not physically connected.
  • Q. What is FLC? How it is beneficial?
    • As the system are made digital, the programming is done in the processors. To control any variable through any programming, Fuzzy Logic Controlled programmes are very helpful.

      Basically FLC is an technique of programming through which the processor controls the charging current smoothly. By using this technique the battery charging smoothens and increases the battery life. It also reduces the water topping frequency.
  • Q. What is cold start?
    • Cold start is the feature in the system that it can start the load without the help of mains supply. Though there is no mains and the system is turned ON directly on battery, then also it can turn ON the loads. This feature is known as Cold start.
  • Q. What is Double conversion?
    • The online UPS has two conversions stage. In first stage, the A.C. supply is converted into D.C. supply and in second stage again it converts the D.C. supply into A.C. supply. By doing this double conversion the VFI technology is carried out. Therefore the VFI technology is looped with Double conversion.
  • Q. What is Crest Factor?
    • Crest factor is known as the maximum power drawn from the system at a moment of time. Crest factor of our system is 3:1, thus at a defined time from any system three times of the power can be drawn from it.
      Eg. : - for 10KVA system, it can give 30KVA power for 1 second. It is similar to overload handling capacity.
  • Q. How the AVR works? How it is beneficial?
    • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), is just like a stabilizer. It is used to boost-up or boost-down the voltage to the desired level. Too low voltage or too high voltage can impair the device connected at the output. By using the AVR, the input voltage levels are being sensed by the processor and it controls the AVR to get proper voltage. By this way the devices get proper voltage and works efficiently.
  • Q. What is the function N/C and H/C?
    • N/C means normal charging. When the switch is in this mode, then the charger in the system charges the battery at a slow rate. H/C means high charging. In this mode the charger charges the battery at a faster rate. It is to be used in the area where the power cuts are very frequent and the battery needs to get charged soon. This function should be selected only when the AH of the battery is more than 135 AH.